Beyond The Pleasure/MOA/Koronal

26 października, 2018
Krakow, PL
Rock Shot Pub
My Own Abyss
Beyond The Pleasure/MOA/Koronal
Entrance 15 PLN

Beyond The Pleasure is four piece Ukrainian metalcore band formed by Dimitry in 2016, Kyiv. Current band line-up consists of Dimitry (ex-Joncofy, Darktrance) – vocals, Igor – guitar, Andrey – bass and Dmitriy (ex-Jinjer) – drums. Band released debut EP ‘God of War’ in December, 2016 and three music videos during 2017 year.

At the end of 2017 ‘Beyond the Pleasure’ was a nominee on The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2017, where the band played its debut live show.

After release of second EP ‘Take Me Back To Hell’ January 27, 2018 band has played Ukrainian tour (7 gigs) and now open for a new opportunities.


KORONAL (Polska) – djent / death metal

Ci Panowie grają mieszankę umiejętnie łączonego eksperymentalnego death metalu i djentu. Wydany w 2016 roku, entuzjastycznie odebrany debiutancki album „Flicker Away”, to inspiracja takimi zespołami jak Meshuggah, Decapitated, Tool czy Gojira. Znakiem rozpoznawczym polskiego kwintetu są szorstkie i mroczne kompozycje, groove oraz monstrualne, pokręcone i wciągające riffy.

FFO: Meshuggah, Gojira, Decapitated, TesseracT, Animals as Leaders

My Own Abyss (MOA)
Band played some concerts across south Poland, visiting cities like Cracow, Bielsko-Biala, Tarnow, Makow Podhalanski. In August 2018 group was qualified to the final concert of Error 2018 contest in Barczewo. My Own Abyss has covered Linkin Park’s song “From The Inside” which was published in Polish media – Antyradio:

In May 2018 band has released debut single “Break These Chains” from upcoming EP called “Abyss”.


Brama: 18:00
Początek koncertu: 19:00
Cena: 15 pln.

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