Space Of Variations + My Own Abyss

14 kwietnia, 2019
Krakow, PL
Oliwa Pub
My Own Abyss
Space Of Variations + My Own Abyss
Entrance 20 PLN

Space of Variations – chaotic metalcore/ post hardcore / electronic band (UKRAINE)

Space Of Variations – ukrainian chaotic metalcore/ post hardcore / electronic band which was formed in 2009 on the top of new wave of modern heavy music.
After 2 years the band stop playing, than after pause they reunited again in 2015 and this time became one of the top metal bands in Ukraine with their first music video ‘‘Gunsight’’. A lot of gigs and hard work on new songs came after that. In 2015 and second time in 2017 band got the title of the best metal band in ‘’The Best Ukrainian Metal Act’’ contest.
During the 2015-2018 Space of Variations has been played on the one stage with such bands as Architects, ADEPT, Devildriver, EMMURE, Three Days Grace, Bad Omens, Eskimo Callboy, WBTBWB, JINJER, Stoned Jesus, and many more. SOV has first tours ever out of Ukraine – in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the most far away from home – in Dubai (UAE). Also in this period was released some more stuff – EP “BLACKMAIL” , and three official videos including single “TIBET” from their first longplay album called “MIND DARKNET” wich was released on 1st Nov 2018 . Right now the band is in process of touring with new album in Ukraine where they have a lot of sold-out shows, touring in Europe and working on new video stuff.

My Own Abyss is a five piece metalcore band from Krakow, Poland, formed in
September 2016. Current line up consists of : Pawel Miszczak (vocals), Mikolaj
Medrala (guitar, backing vocals), Marek Zajda (guitar), Mikolaj Marszalek (bass,

backing vocals), Piotr Miszczak (drums).

Winner of ERROR Festival 2018 in Barczewo, finalist of Rock in Minsk fest 2018

in Minsk Mazowiecki.

In August 2017 Linkin Park’s cover ‘From The Inside’ was published.
In May 2018 song ‘Break These Chains’ was released, as a promo single to

‘Abyss EP’ album, premiered on 4 December 2018.

My Own Abyss had their stage debut in early 2017. So far, band has played
some gigs around south Poland, visiting cities, like: Krakow, Wroclaw, Rzeszow,
Tarnow, Bielsko-Biala, Makow Podhalanski, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski.
With a new album, My Own Abyss is looking forward to play even more

concerts in 2019 than before.

Entrance ticket : 20 ZL

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